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Instructional Videos

Lighting Your Water Heater and Saving Money on Vacation

GFIs | Ground Fault interrupters | How to Test the GFIs in Your House​

Furnace Troubleshooting | DIY

Arc Fault Reactors | How to Avoid Potential Fire Hazards

Your Furnace Fresh Air Intake and Finishing Your Basement

Exterior Communications Hub | How to Turn The Power Off to Your Entire House

Cleaning and Replacing Your Furnace Filter

The Breaker Panel | Knowing How Your House is Wired

The Main Water Line to Your House and How it Works

Know How Your Coax and Internet Cables are Setup In Your House

How to Maintain Your Water Heater

Why Concrete Cracks in Your New Home

Protect Your Water Spigots During Winter

How to Avoid Potential Flooding in the Basement of Your New Home

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