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Welcome to Canyon Cove Homes LLC and congratulations on owning your new house. We say house because that is all we have built to this point; it will be you that makes it home.  We feel the information in this booklet will help clarify your warranty.  Any question you might have is welcome. Assumptions can cause serious problems, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Your warranty is in place as you have the opportunity to test drive you new home.  Unlike your car it is limited how well we can work out construction defects or flaws. Those items usually manifest themselves with in the first year. This is the purpose of the warranty. 

Your house is new to the neighborhood as well. Because of this it is natural to see some different signs of settling.  The signs could include the grade settling around the house as well as some cracking in the drywall.  Please be aware that these things are normal and addressed in the warranty.

We would like to do an Orientation meeting with you.  At this meeting, we can answer your questions as well as explain the different components of your home and give you some instructions that will help you understand and enjoy.


We hope that you enjoy your new home

Official Warranty Request Form

Thank You for Submitting Your Canyon Cove Warranty Request. We will get back with as soon as possible.

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